The Landscaper

Ever looked at our website and thought "Holy tit balls McGee! Whoever did the art for this website is a flip flapping genius!". Well that's how we react when the artist in question, presents us with his work. His name is Chris Messina and he has an online comic called "The Landscaper". It's awesome, it's fun and it doesn't cost a god damn cent to read. So what are you waiting for? 

Geek Treats

Here at the War, we consider ourselves pretty damn brilliant. Awesome in fact. Confidence can be good for a writer. But we're not awesome, nor brilliant. Our grammar sucks, we misspell all the time and the use of double-negatives would put Pink Flloyd to shame. Hard to admit, and even harder to enlist the services of a "third eye" to proof read our work. That's where Sarah comes in. Not only does she proof read our work, she writes a blog herself about the beautiful world of Nerds and Cakes. Read it, and let me know if you find any spelling mistakes!

Ultimate Face Palm

With movie reviews, game reviews, nerd rage and Lil' Wayne/Nick Minaj conspiracy theories, this is the one podcast that you want to be subscribed to. Hosted by C Bomb and G Money and with over 100 episodes in the bank, there's plenty of catching up to do. So why don't you move your cursor to left, just a little bit, not my left, your left...that's it... and follow that link. Trust me. Your ears will thank you.

The Zombie Bunker

A Zombie walks into a Recording studio and says "Gurghhh! Garghhh! Brrraaaaains!" and the Executive Producer replied "Sounds like a Chart Topper! Let's record it!". True story. I was there. It was a magical day for music. This small, independent studio has recorded many famous bands such as The Red Hot Chilli Zombies, Led Zombie, The Beach Brains, Guns N Chainsaws, The Shuffilin' Stones and many, many more. So if you are in a band and are DEAD SERIOUS on recording (Get it?) then head on down to the ol' Zombie Bunker where all your recording needs are fulfilled.