For better or for worse, you have found your way to the War of Silliness. Held betwixt these cyber walls are the battle reports, related documents and archives of an epic war. A war that has three rubber chickens, sixteen crumpets and thirty-seven jokes about nipples. Let’s face it; you’ve never seen a war quite like this.

Do you like Apache helicopters? We don’t have them.

Do you like high-class action? Get yourself a $2000 p/hr. prostitute and get her to attach a car battery to your trouser puppies because the only high-class action you will see here is the class action lawsuit we get slapped with after mentioning Game of Thrones one too many times… Game of Thrones. 

Do you like two grown men playing dress up and throwing silly and childish insults at each other on a weekly basis? Well grab your balls and shout “Bingo!”

Your prayers have been answered. No, we don’t have world peace, the ultimate weight loss plan or a cool $100, 000, 000 prize giveaway. We have The War Of Silliness. Every week. Right here. Same Internet Time, same Internet Channel

So sit back, hit the big red button, and wait for the nukes to fall and the sky to fill with chicken feathers as you delve into our world of madness and absurdity.  

Game of Thrones. Run!